Ski & Snowboard

The #1 Midwest Family Resort

Ski Brule,  a premier Ski Resort in Michigan is the #1 Midwest Ski Resort.  Located just over the Wisconsin Michigan boarder, Ski Brule is perfect for a day trip or a weekend get-a-way.  Something for everyone:  ski, snowboard, terrain parks, tubing, acrobag, fat bike trails, cross country trails, snowshoe trails, sleigh rides, kids programs and more! 

Scenic Midwest Skiing What sets Ski Brule apart from other ski areas?  It starts with snow.  Ski Brule know how to manage snow better than anywhere else which results in amazing conditions.  Don’t worry about what it looks like in your backyard, you can always count on Ski Brule for fantastic conditions.   Ski Brule has opened as early as October 24 and has been open as late as May 15.  Six months of snowsports is a reality at Ski Brule.

When you come away from ski Michigan feeling really good about it, you know you’ve had a worthwhile Midwest skiing experience.  That someplace is Ski Brule, and the feeling is genuinely good.  You can ski Michigan in many ways.  It’s schussing down the Big Bear headwall or cruising the timbered trail on Maple Syrup, or gliding through evergreens on the scenic cross country trail with only the sound of your skis and the wind.  It’s that relaxed “north woods” feeling, the atmosphere that is so different from back home. It’s having fun in the saloon and  relaxing in front of a warm crackling fire, it’s your own private log chalet in the village.  Ski Brule is a special place that makes you forget the pressure of every day living.  It’s time to ski Michigan, the best Midwest skiing.

The finest family skiing and cruising terrain in the entire Midwest can be found on the Homestead side of Ski Brule.  Ski Michigan finest terrain in the region among mountain hardwoods, an 1890’s homestead, an apple orchard, open meadows, spruce plantations  and the Brule River providing a rich setting for a spectacular ski and snowboarding experience.

Spillway, an intermediate trail, cuts along a natural ride.  Cruise this long uninterrupted trail as it stair steps its way through a forest of northern hardwoods or pause midway to absorb the tranquility provided by the view of the meadows, spruce plantation and Brule River Valley.

Hot Cider traverses through tall timber as you descent to the orchard, a hillside meadow with scattered apple trees.  Then schuss the popple ridge down to the spruce plantation.

The Homestead Trail is a novice trail with enough terrain variety to allure the expert.  Follow the gentle, natural turns of this open slope as it flows through stands of hardwoods and evergreens.  Wander into the homestead clearing and pause at the Homestead Lodge for a hot drink.  Ski the Hemlock ridge down to the lift and do it again.  You’ll cherish this trail and the setting when you ski Michigan.  Ski Brule offers the best holiday packages for your family’s downhill skiing or snowboarding vacation.   It’s time to plan your get-a-way to the northwoods.

The view from the top looking to the north will remind one of New England’s rolling, maple covered mountains.  Brule spruce and balsam trees line the edges of the trails here, in stunning contrast to sparkling white snows.  Ski Michigan seventeen trails, each with its own unique challenge, cover more than 150 acres that make up Ski Brule.  Mile long trail will take you deep into Brule Country Forest.  Sunrise and Spillway provide scenic cursing.  Feel your pulse quicken as you stand atop the steep headwalls on Whitewater and Big Bear.  Remember when it was okay to ski through the woods?  Timber Doodle brings back those thrills and spills, without being ‘out of bounds’.  Everyone from tiny tots to senior citizens have fun on the playful challenge of its bumps, berms and turns.  Double Doodle, with its serious steeps and banked switch backs, is not for the faint of heart.  Those who choose this roller coaster must be confident of their advanced ability.

Ski Brule is your mountain offering you an experience unique in the Midwest skiing.  There are so many things to do in Michigan including downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice fishing, sleigh rides, tubing and more.  Artfully designed to provide diversity, Ski Brule will put a smile on your family’s face.  Join with those who’ve already discovered the luxurious Michigan lodging, uncrowded slopes and warm, friendly atmosphere at rates that you can afford.  It is a good experience; come to the U.P. and enjoy the Ski Brule experience.  Ski Michigan today, you’ll be glad that you did.