Deer Hunting 
Deer hunters looking for an opportunity to take that whitetail buck will find no better place to pursue their dream than in the area surrounding Anderson Lake Lodge.
Anderson Lake Lodge is available for the Michigan Deer hunting season exclusively for $8,000 ($800/hunter based on 10 hunters) if the hunting reservation is made by May 1.

Bow Hunting:  Nothing can describe the sensation of having a trophy buck pass by your stand, so close you can see the steam coming from its nostrils!  Only a bow hunter can appreciate the peaceful serenity of the woods in early fall, as deer continue to move freely, yet unaffected by man’s presence.  The successful bow hunter requires knowledge of the deer’s natural movement and habits.

Rifle Season:  Traditionally looked forward to as much as any holiday!  Michigan’s liberal harvest quotas allow hunters to purchase a second license to take an additional deer.

Muzzle Loading Season – Muzzle loaders have a special 10 day season in Michigan following the traditional gun deer season.  Good snow cover in early December provides excellent tracking and vision in the woods, increasing the hunters’ chances for success during this special season.