Boat Policy:

Only boats supplied by Ski Brule / Brule Valley Management may be used on Anderson Lake.  Use of outside boats is prohibited.  This includes any flotation devices including but not limited to canoes, kayaks, boats, and jet skis/personal watercraft.  Do not bring any boats or motors to Anderson Lake.  If you bring a boat or motor, it will be assumed to be intended for use on the lake.  For actual or intended use of boats not provided by Brule Valley Management, renter and guests will be asked to leave the property immediately and forfeit entire deposit/lodging payment.

Boats, Canoes and Kayaks are provided

Fishing Practices At Anderson Lake

Anderson Lake is blessed with an outstanding population of Northern Pike, Bass, and Blue Gill. Other than our guest the lake is hardly fished. Anderson Lake has routine guests throughout the season. We ask our guests to adopt ‘Catch and Release’ practices, except for those fish you are going to consume at Anderson Lake. If fish are harvested please do not leave them or throw them back in the lake. All remnants of fish cleaning should be disposed of in the outside garbage cans, NOT in the lake. Because of previous abuse of our fishing rules, there will be routine checks to ensure the fishing at Anderson Lake Lodge can continue. If you are in violation, we will ask you to leave the lodge and you will not be able to make a reservation in the future. There will also be an extra clean fee as extra fish clean-up is required by us. We are hopeful that everyone can cooperate and enjoy the wonderful fishing!

To adapt fishing methods that are compatible with ‘Catch and Release’:

  • Use only artificial lures
  • Use single, barbless hooks
  • Limited, gentle handling of fish
  • Keep in mind that spawning season goes May through end of June

Furniture Policy:

Please do not move furniture from the current location.  Doing so will cause damage to the property and furniture.  You will be charged a $100 move furniture fee if furniture is moved.