Family Get-A-Way At Anderson Lake Lodge

Excellent Michigan Fishing

Anderson Lake is blessed with an outstanding population of Northern Pike, Bass, Sunfish, Crappie and Blue Gill.  Other than our guests, the lake is hardly fished.  Though the years, Anderson Lake Lodge has taken great care to manage the lake (we encourage catch & release).  Anderson Lake's clear shoreline is a perfect spot for youngsters to catch their limit of blue gills.  Fishing is always great at Anderson Lake Lodge but it's particularly GREAT & EASY in May & June.

Picture gathering with family and friends to enjoy the simple, natural pleasures; the sound of wind rustling through the trees, observing the wildlife such as deer, beaver, partridge and bald eagles that amble through the property or gathering around a fire in the lodge and enjoy telling the day’s fishing stories.

Michigan Fishing Walleye, Northern Pike, Musky, Panfish, Trout & More!

Fishing In Iron County Michigan
Here are some quick facts about Iron County to help fishermen and women:  there are 314 lakes and more than 900 miles of rivers.  And while local fishermen may not be willing to tell you “exactly” where to set your line, you’ll find them at Anderson Lake or in one of the waterways that dot the 1,168 square miles of Iron county.  If you’re in need of supplies or helpful hints, visit the Outpost or Luckey’s Bait Shop in Iron River or Crystal Bait in Crystal Falls. 
While many love three seasons, there are many who love the fourth season just as much!  Ice fishing at Anderson Lake is great!

Beautiful Lake Views

Michigan Fishing License Information

Online Fishing License Purchase : If you are 17 years of age or older, you need a fishing license to fish in Michigan. If you are younger than 17 years of age, you may fish without a license, but you are required to observe all fishing rules & regulations.

Fishing Rules and Regulations


Anderson Lake Lodge A Wonderful Place For Your Michigan Family Vacation

Fish For Free in June During Michigan's Free Fishing Weekend!
It's a great opportunity for families to enjoy one of Michigan's most popular activities. All fishing license fees will be waived these two days for residents and non-residents. All fishing regulations still apply. For more information, contact Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division, ATTN: Free Fishing Weekend Family Fun, PO Box 30446, Lansing, MI 48909.

Michigan is blessed with an abundance of cold, quality trout waters offering 38,000 plus miles of classified trout streams. Remarkably, 868 miles are considered premier top-quality streams, which Michigan classifies as its Blue Ribbon Trout Streams. Blue Ribbon Trout Stream must meet certain standards or criteria. It must be one of Michigan's best trout streams, be able to support excellent stocks of wild resident trout, have the physical characteristics to permit fly casting but be shallow enough to wade, produce a diverse insect life and good fly hatches, and have earned a reputation for providing an excellent trout fishing experience and have excellent water quality.

Clean Boats, Clean Water ... Stop Invasive Species
Boat Checklist

Clean Boats, Clean Water ... Stop Invasive Species
Boat Checklist

Anderson Lake Lodge is a wonderful private retreat.
To ensure a future of good fishing, only boats supplied by Anderson Lake Lodge may be used on Anderson Lake.   This includes any flotation devices including but not limited to canoes, kayak, boats & jet skis/personal watercraft.    Anderson Lake Lodge supplies an electric motors/batteries for use with our boats.  Help keep Anderson Lake FREE of Eurasian Milfoil.  Prior to arrival, please clean your fishing gear so it is free of all aquatic plants.  This includes bobbers, fish buckets, nets, stringer .. basically anything that will enter the water.   

Please Practice Catch & Release

Upper Peninsula Fishing

Please Help Keep Anderson Lake Free Of Eurasian Milfoil. 
Eurasian milfoil is a highly aggressive aquatic plant that can form dense mats which congest waterways and crowd out native aquatic plants. Thick growth can impair recreational uses of waterways including boating, swimming, and fishing. Dense growth of Eurasian milfoil can alter and degrade the habitat of native fish and other wildlife. Some stands have been dense enough to obstruct industrial and power-generation water intakes. The visual impact of the flat, yellow-green of matted vegetation on milfoil-dominated lakes often creates the perception that the lake is “infested” or “dead.” Cycling of nutrients from sediments to the water column by Eurasian milfoil may lead to deteriorating water quality and algal blooms on infested lakes. Eurasian milfoil is readily spread by plant fragments, which are abundant in infested waterways. Fragments may be carried downstream by water currents or inadvertently picked up by boaters. Milfoil is readily dispersed by boats, motors, trailers, bilges, live wells or bait buckets, and can stay alive for weeks if kept moist.

Description: Eurasian water milfoil is an herbaceous perennial plant with a trailing growth habit. Narrow stems grow to the water surface, usually extending threeto ten feet, although sometimes much longer. They frequently form dense mats. Stems of Eurasian milfoil are usually branched, and become leafless toward the base. New plants may emerge from each node (joint) on a stem, and root upon contact with mud. Leaves are finely divided and occur in whorls of three or four. Eurasian milfoil produces small yellow flowers on a spike that projects two to four inches above the water surface. Most regeneration of Eurasian water milfoil is from rhizomes, fragmented stems and axillary buds that develop throughout the year. Although seeds are usually viable, they are notan important means of reproduction.

Prevention and Control:  The best way to control this species, or any aquatic invader, is to prevent it from being introduced in the first place. Anyone engaged in activities in Anderson Lake waters should be aware of the potential for spreading invasive plants and take steps to prevent their introduction; your actions can make a difference. Prevent plant material from getting into bait buckets and live wells, and from getting tangled up in fishing gear. Once established, invasive aquatic plants are extremely difficult to eradicate.

WARNING:  Eurasian Milfoil Has Been Found In Chicaugon Lake & Ice Lake.

Stop The Spread Of Eurasian Milfoil
Stop The Spread Of Aquatic Invasive Species

Stop The Spread Of Eurasian Milfoil
Stop The Spread Of Aquatic Invasive Species

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